Regional Advertising: Why Local Flavor Packs a Punch in Your Marketing

Are you someone who usually advertises multiple apartments in the same area? If that's the case, I've got an idea that could really benefit you. It's all about advertising those apartments together in one ad, just like an ILS (Internet Listing Service).

By consolidating a portion of your community's advertising budget into a regional ad campaign, you can not only outperform the local competition but also expand your marketing reach without increasing your budget. It's all about working smarter, not harder!

In this post, I'll show you some real examples of situations where running regional campaigns makes a lot of sense. We'll also discuss how you can assess your portfolio to determine if regional campaigns are a good fit for you. In future posts, we'll delve into the efficiencies of multifamily regional advertising and give you the guidance you need to kick off your first regional campaign.

Exciting stuff awaits, so let's dive in!

Check out this cool Google search I did! It's all about individual vs. regional apartment ads. Pretty interesting stuff, right?

iPad Pro 11_ - 2

There are three ads in the screenshot above.

First, we have ad "A." They're basically a listing site, and they usually show ads specific to certain regions. Let's not focus on them for now because, honestly, when was the last time you saw an Internet Listing Service (ILS) directing traffic to a single apartment? Not very often, right?

Next up, we've got ad "B." This is from a property manager who's got five apartments in Austin. Now, here's the thing: their ad is actually sending potential renters to the website of just one of those apartments. Kind of odd, don't you think? They're not even promoting the other four sister communities they have.


Ad "C" ho's totally rocking a regional campaign to drive traffic to their awesome landing page for all those 22 apartment communities in Austin. Pretty impressive, right?


Just think about it for a sec: Can you imagine how much property manager C would have to spend on ads if they ran separate ones for each and every one of those 22 apartments? It's mind-boggling!

Let’s look at one more example.

same prop manager 3 ads

You wouldn't believe it from this screenshot, but guess what? All three of those ads are actually from the same management company! It's kind of a clever move, you know? They're trying to dominate the top 3 ads, but here's the catch—it's also a pretty pricey strategy if they want the same person to check out all three apartments. So, it's like a double-edged sword, really.


So, now that you've checked out some real-life examples of regional and individual ads, you might be wondering if regional advertising is a good fit for your portfolio, right?

Is Regional Advertising a Good Fit For My Portfolio?

Let's figure out if regional advertising is a good fit for your portfolio. It's actually pretty simple - just take a look at your overlapping campaigns. This occurs when you have two or more apartments bidding on the same non-branded keywords.

To give you an example, check out the table below. It shows three apartments and the keywords they're bidding on or want their ads to appear when someone searches on Google.

Table (1)

So, here's the deal with the table: all three apartments are going after the same keywords or running similar campaigns. When you have campaigns that overlap, it's not just a matter of your own campaigns competing against each other. It also limits how far your marketing efforts can reach.

Think about it: the chances of someone clicking on Apartment A's ad and then also clicking on Apartment B and C are pretty slim. But what if there was a way for potential tenants to engage with all three apartments by just clicking on one ad?

Imagine this: instead of paying for three separate clicks, you only have to pay for one. And considering that each click can cost you around $3-5, those expenses can quickly add up and prevent you from exploring other marketing channels.

So, it's worth considering how you can optimize your campaigns to avoid overlap and maximize your marketing reach. By doing so, you can save some cash and have more flexibility in your advertising strategies.


So, here's the deal. When it comes to running a regional advertising campaign, the first thing you need to figure out is whether it's the right move for you. It's not something that works for every property manager out there, you know?

But hey, don't worry! If you're curious about whether regional advertising is a good fit for your business, we've got you covered. Just reach out to us, and we'll give you a free campaign audit. We'll take a look at your portfolio and keywords and show you all the amazing opportunities that are waiting for you.

And here's a little something for you. If you already know that regional advertising is the way to go for you, but you want to learn more about how it can boost your marketing reach without blowing up your budget, then make sure to check out our awesome post called "Regional Advertising: The Efficiencies That Drive Results."

Hope that helps, and feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

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