Download Our Guide On Personalized Marketing for the Multifamily Industry

You will learn:

  • How personalization relates to the multifamily industry
  • Who you are personalizing for
  • What are you personalizing
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Engage Your Audience With Personalized Marketing

Your salespeople give prospects something they appreciate - a personal experience that makes them feel valued. Your website should do the same!  Captivate your audience, increase your conversion rate, and generate more qualified leads by running targeted campaigns that take prospects to a personalized landing page aligned with their individual search criteria.

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Enhance Your Marketing With Local Knowledge

Harness local knowledge from sales and operations to develop smarter marketing strategies. When your whole team collaborates, your campaigns reflect the unique selling characteristics of each apartment.  Make your marketing more impactful by bringing your onsite teams into the process and infusing your marketing strategies with the unique insights they use to successfully lease homes.

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Expand Your Reach With Regional Marketing

Consolidate part of your marketing spend into dedicated regional ads and landing pages. This lets you escape generic mass listings, increase your marketing reach, and improve your cost-per-conversion - all without increasing your overall spend.

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Agency Friendly

Lineups partners with data driven agencies to offer regional landing pages for all your marketing needs. We’re not an agency, and we don’t manage PPC (sorry), but we do play well with others. We communicate with your PPC agency to determine the landing pages that your campaigns need to perform better than ever. If you need a referral, we can introduce you to our vetted agency partners.

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