How to Record a 60-Second Maintenance Video For An Apartment Community

How to Record a Maintenance Video for Apartment Communities

To make a proper video, you need to break up the project into three phases.

  • Phase 1: The Planning Phase
  • Phase 2: The Filming Phase
  • Phase 3: The Editing Phase

Phase 1: Planning

The Script

It’s 2024. You do not need to write a script from scratch. Here is a prompt to get you a working draft.

Act as a video script copywriter for a multifamily community where your goal is to educate your residents on different maintenance tips & tricks.
The Series Name is: Maintenance Tips & Tricks.
This script will focus on: How to clean a dishwasher and make it smell fresh.  Talk about how to clean the filter and how to add vinegar to the dishwasher.
It will be recorded on a mobile phone in 1-2 shots—no B ROLL footage.
You must write a short script with less than 40 seconds of reading time. The tone should be friendly and should read like you are talking directly to one person.

Plan to modify the script.

The Teleprompter

The secret to recording great videos is knowing how to use a teleprompter app. I can’t tell you how much easier this will make things for everyone involved.

Phase 2: Filming

When you're ready to film, choose a location with minimal direct sunlight. Bright light can create harsh shadows, particularly on the face, which we aim to avoid.

As for how to hold your phone, imagine you're a T-Rex by resting your elbows on the sides of your stomach for support. This will stabilize your footage and maintain the right height for effective eye contact.

Phase 3: Editing

Using your favorite mobile video editing software, you can trim, cut, or do whatever you need to make the shot work. Remember, if you plan for a YouTube Short, it must be less than 50 seconds.

Give it to the Design Assistant.

Upload your video to one of our maintenance video templates, give it a title and description, and you are done. We’ll take care of the branding.

Then, when you click download, we’ll start creating audio captions and any other post-processing work that needs to happen.

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