Regional Advertising Co-Ops

Digital Advertising is only going to get more competitive and more expensive in the future.  

The solution starts with finding inefficiencies like campaign overlapping.

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STOP Campaign Overlapping.

Campaign overlapping is when two or more apartments try to bid or rank for the same keyword.

Your apartments end up competing against each other, and your marketing reach is limited by the amount you can spend.

To prevent campaign overlapping, you can create regional advertising programs where all the bidding happens at a regional (or market) level, aka. regional advertising co-op.

Regional Advertising is not for everyone.

Regional advertising does not benefit single apartment communities in their own markets. However, it never hurts to be prepared for future growth.

How does it benefit me?

Short answer: Your budget stays flat, and you can do a lot more marketing.

What is an advertising co-op?
The multifamily advertising co-op refers to an agreement between all apartments in a portfolio with overlapping campaigns to dedicate a portion of their non-branded advertising budget to a regional advertising fund.

of an advertising co-op

Advertising co-ops have many benefits, but they are not designed to replace all your marketing efforts.

Outbid your competitors - with a financially stronger campaign, you are in a better position to outbid the competition
Run campaigns longer - with more money in the campaign, Ads can run longer.
Increase your marketing reach - with more money in the co-op, you can invest in other channels like Facebook or Instagram.

How we can help.

Landing Page Administration

Our regional landing page software is designed for the multifamily industry.

We create as many targeted landing pages as you need for your PPC campaigns.

We keep the pages updated with your portfolio and pull current pricing and availability from your property management provider.

Display pricing in Ads

When you display a starting price in your Ads you are allowing your customers qualify themselves.

Our landing pages keep your ad extensions updated with current pricing.

Up and running in 20-30 days

Reengage with your website audience

Retargeting is all about reengaging with users after they left your website.

Just like we expects a leasing consultant to followup, we expect our digital advertising to help reengage with our website visitors.

Regional Landing Pages are a great way to build a retargeting list and run regional display campaigns.

How it works ...

Here’s how to get started

We create landing pages around what your customers are searching for, then include every relevant property on that page.


Tell us about your properties, your portfolio and your current SEO and PPC efforts


We recommend the right groupings and key-phrases for landing pages


We build and deploy landing pages that are always accurate


You receive monthly reports on real search opportunities in your regions

Agency friendly

Lineups partners with data driven agencies to offer regional landing pages for all your marketing needs. We’re not an agency, and we don’t manage PPC (sorry), but we do play well with others. We communicate with your PPC agency to determine the landing pages that your campaigns need to perform better than ever. If you need a referral, we can introduce you to our vetted agency partners.

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Get more high quality leads

We deploy fast, hyperlocal landing pages based on search queries. Everything is handled for you using our combination of service and technology so your pages are highly targeted, beautiful and up-to-date.

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