3-Tiered Rent Pricing

Give Them What They Want

And what they want is the fastest and friendliest way to finding a home.

Here’s how it works. 

For each bedroom type, display up to 3 available units. Start with the lowest price and end with the most expensive.

That's pretty much it.

Why Give Three Options?

When you give a customer 3 individual units to compare (low to high rent), you are making it easier for them to consume the information and feel confident they have a good understanding of the current pricing, and want to convert to the next step - visit the apartments website.

And when you displayed tiered pricing, you are able to target both your budget shoppers and premium shoppers.

The Goal - A regional landing page should give your customers enough information to want to learn more about an apartment by visiting its website.

There You Have It!

That’s our 3-tiered rent pricing experience.

We are excited to be deploying it to our current customers and new customers.  

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