How to Examine Your Apartment Search Page:

The Definitive Guide 2019

Today I’m going to show you how to define your portfolio search so that you can:

> Increase customer engagement,
> Increase social sharing, and
> Help your customers find the perfect home.

Let’s dive right in.

What an apartment search page is NOT

An apartment search page will not rank in Google or generate leads.  

For that, you need SEO and PPC landing pages.  

However, it will definitely help your SEO and PPC marketing by creating an engaging experience when prospects visit your website. (More on that later)

Also, as tempting as it may be, an apartment search page should not be used in your PPC ads.  

Your PPC results will be far better with a highly targeted landing page that matches the query, rather than a generic apartment search page that requires the user to search their location again and use feature filters.

If an apartment search page does not generate leads or rank in Google, then what's it for?

1. Engage Users
Provide an effective search experience that keeps visitors engaged with your website longer and reduces website bounce rates  

Rule of thumb  
When user engagement is high - they spend more time on your website.  

Google sees this high “dwell time” as an indicator of quality content, thus helping your search rankings.

2. Answer Their Question
Help users find relevant apartments to their search.

"Show my all STUDIO apartments around $2,000 available in next 7 DAYS".

3. Wow Your Users
Make an awesome impression when users (prospects, investors, analysts, future employees, your boss, etc.) browse your website.

4. Smooth The Way For Social Shopping
Make it simple for prospects to share their search results with roommates.

With the same sharing capability, allow your sales team or call centers to cross sell communities.

5. Prequalify
Help qualify prospects by allowing them to filter apartments by price and availability.  

Not only will this provide a powerful user experience your prospects will love, but it will  reduce unqualified leads to your sales teams.

Now it's Your Turn

Apartment Search Capability Checklist

Use the checklist below to audit your apartment portfolio search page.
The following checklist should be performed on both the desktop and mobile website.
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A good portfolio search page will:

  • Keep prospects on your website longer
    When you create a website that keeps users around longer, then you reduce bounce rates and increasing time-on-page; which ultimately helps your marketing efforts.
  • Create a new marketing channel
    When you make it easy for users to easily share search results with friends and family (or leasing consultants to cross-sell), then you are creating a new channel to reach more prospects.
  • Prequalify regional leads
    When you allow prospects to fine-tune their search results by pricing and availability, then you are reducing the number of unqualified leads to your apartment communities.

A bad portfolio search page will frustrate your users.  

They will most likely leave your website and head to the next available option … your competition.