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Stop Linking Your Ads To Your Apartment Homepage

If you invest in digital advertising, then you need to make sure your customers are getting the information they need after clicking on your Ads. If not, then you are burning up your marketing dollars.

How to Examine Your Apartment Portfolio Search

The Definitive Guide 2019

Does your apartment portfolio search page make your customers hunt for an apartment, or does it help them find a home? In this guide, we will tell you what makes an apartment search page amazing and how to audit your search page.

How Do You Know if your Ad Agency is the Right Partner?

Top 10 Questions To Consider

Finding the right advertising (PPC) agency in the multifamily industry is hard. In this article we give you our top 10 questions to consider when reviewing your current agency or looking for a new one.

Are You Wasting Your PPC Budget on Brand Campaigns?

Top 5 Reasons to launch a brand campaign

Knowing when to launch a brand campaign and when when not too can save you a lot of money.

Consolidate your Google Analytics data into one account.

4 Easy Steps to Enterprise Reporting in GA

Get more insights into your websites with enterprise reporting in Google Analytics.

3-Tiered Rent Pricing

Give Your Customers What They Want

Available on our advanced portfolio search product.