When Should You Run Brand Campaigns

Top Reasons to Launch a Brand Campaign

Clients ask us why should they buy their branded terms (or run PPC Brand Campaigns)?

And the answer is, only when you need too.

If you are running brand campaigns when you don't need to, you could be wasting your PPC dollars.

In this article we are going to cover when your brand campaigns should be running.

1. Your website is not ranking #1

If you have a website that is NOT ranking #1 for a branded search, then this is a great opportunity to start bidding on your brand terms so you can get to the top of the page today.

Then start researching why your website is not ranking #1.

Branded searches normally have a higher conversion rate than non-branded searches, so make sure you do not miss an opportunity to get a customer who is searching for your business.

If your website is not ranking #1, then who is?

2. Your brand is being hijacked

There may be others bidding on your brand terms (intentionally or unintentionally) to display their ad above your organic listing.

Unless the hijacker is using your brand name in the Ad copy, then there is nothing you can do about this. Your only option is to start bidding on your brand terms.

This makes the hijacker pay a little more :)

3. Your brand is new

If you have a new development or just rebranded, then there is a good chance your new brand is not ranking #1.

Until your website starts ranking #1 for a branded search, enable your PPC brand campaign.

4. You have a custom message to convey

Sometimes your website listing is not giving the message you want. By running a brand campaign, you have complete control over the message that shows up in Google.

In the graphic below, the first listing is the brand campaign. The 2nd listing is the organic result. Notice how Airbnb changes their messaging in the brand campaign.

How to stay on top of this?

If not, maybe we can help

Tracking your own brand ranking isn’t too hard (anyone can do a google search), but knowing when competitors are bidding on your brand terms is more challenging.

Our Website Analytics product can alert you when your website is not ranking #1 and when competitors are displaying ads for your brand name.

Then using this data, you know when to ENABLE or PAUSE your brand campaigns.

Spend money when you need to.

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