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Stop overspending on SEO for apartment communities

Drive better results with landing pages that rank organically for long tail keyphrases like “apartments near UT Dallas” or “Salt Lake City apartments with dog park”

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Paid Search Performance

Knowing when and how much to invest in PPC is tricky. The first step is taking control of what you know.

Paid Brand Search Monitoring
Identify brand infringing ads appearing on your branded search terms.
Identify competitors piggy packing on your brand.
Paid Local Search Monitoring
Research what competitor ads are appearing for your primary search terms.
Verify your partners are creating engaging ads .

Organic Search Performance

Organic Brand Search Monitoring
Verify your website is ranking #1 for a branded search.
Organic Local Search Monitoring
Identify what competitors are ranking for your primary search terms.
Verify where your apartment and regional websites are ranking.

Speed is the Key

Website Experience

Your apartments website is beautiful. But as your websites page load time goes from 1-3 seconds, the probability of a bounce increases 32% (source).

Are you still wasting money on SEO for individual apartment communities?

It’s impossible to rank an individual apartment community for all of the SEO key-phrases that matter.

Other than for their own name, your apartments are probably not ranking in organic search.

Each of the apartment communities in your portfolio is special. Some are near a school or desired city center. Others have pools.

When you don’t rank for the terms that customers are searching for, they find your competitors first.

We get it.

Ranking for “san francisco apartments” isn’t going to happen

“We now have long tail landing pages built for both specific locations and features. We saw immediately that this was the right direction.
Prioritizing long tail search has been great for us, and we now present the fewest clicks possible for the prospect to find what they’re looking for. It takes your website and your customer experience to a different level because Lineups is willing to look at nuances that not everybody in our industry is dialed into. They’re looking at it like a customer and we’ve never really had that perspective with our corporate website. They take a different approach that our industry needs. We have seen quite a bit of improvements with time on site. We saw that our leads have gone up dramatically.”
Holly Granger
Vice President of Marketing
SRG Residential

Apartment landing pages are foundational

Cater your landing pages to your prospects and make decisions based on real data, managed for you every month

Get more high quality leads

We deploy fast, hyperlocal landing pages based on search queries. Everything is handled for you using our combination of service and technology so your pages are highly targeted, beautiful and up-to-date.

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