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How powerful is your portfolio search page?

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Why should you care about your portfolio search page?

A good portfolio search page will:

  • Keep prospects on your website longer
    When you create a website that keeps users around longer, then you reduce bounce rates and increasing time-on-page; which ultimately helps your marketing efforts.
  • Create a new marketing channel
    When you make it easy for users to easily share search results with friends and family (or leasing consultants to cross-sell), then you are creating a new channel to reach more prospects.
  • Prequalify regional leads
    When you allow prospects to fine-tune their search results by pricing and availability, then you are reducing the number of unqualified leads to your apartment communities.

A bad portfolio search page will frustrate your users.  They will most likely leave your website and head to the next available option … your competition.

Portfolio Search Checklist

How to tell if your search is creating value for your prospects and your business.
The following checklist should be performed on both the desktop and mobile website.
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