Top 8 Website Hacks

#1 - Use a Photo Management Tool

Photos are most likely your most expensive marketing asset.

However, they are hardly used in all the marketing channels, other than the website.

Hack - Make your photography super simple to search and find, and make it super simple to embed on any marketing channel in 22 seconds or less.   

#2 - Publish Your Brand/Style Guides

Whether you have 1 Brand/Style Guide or 200, it’s important that they are publicly available to “everyone”.  If your brand/style guides are in a PDF format and available on a need to know basis, then you can expect misbranding in the future.  

Make your brand/style guide available online.  Provide all the approved digital assets so designers, publishers and team members can easily download the correct logos, colors and fonts.

The easier you make it for others to consume your guidelines, the best chance others will use your brand the way you intended it to be used.  

#3 - Monitor Your Brand in Search Results

Do you know if your website is ranking #1 for it’s brand name?  If not, it should be.  

Do you know if advertisers are displaying ads when customers search for your brand?  If not, you should.

Reputation management covers a lot of touch points.  One of those touch points, as minor as it may sound, is search engine result pages.  

#4 - Audit your website’s on-page SEO

This is so easy to do, yet very few companies do this.  I’ll be the first to admit, that on-page SEO can get complicated, but 80% of it is just commonsense — however, almost impossible to manually do yourself.

For example:

  • How many 404 errors does your website have
  • How many webpages have non-SEO friendly URLs
  • How many webpages have duplicate or missing Title tags
  • How many webpages have duplicate or missing Heading (H1) tags
  • How many external links are going to a broken website
  • How does website crawl tree look

Need help with an audit like this, let us know.  Always happy to help.

#5 - Stop investing in SEO on your apartment websites

If you only have 1 apartment in a market and never plan to grow your portfolio, then ignore this hack.

But if you have multiple apartments in a market, then stop investing any time or money in non-branded SEO.  Now this doesn’t mean that you should not add marketing copy that is relevant to your prospects.  Write your copy for people - not search engines.  

But creating copy for an apartment webpage trying to rank for a non-branded search like, “downtown pet friendly apartments” is a waste of time and money.   Can it be done, YES.  But you end up competing against your sister communities, when you should be working together.

Lucky for you, there is another hack that drastically simplifies SEO and makes it affordable for everyone.

#6 - Create (a lot) regional landing pages targeting long tail queries for SEO

Let’s define a couple of these terms before we get into the details of the hack.

  • Regional Landing Page:  a webpage that displays 1 or more apartments in the area.
  • High-Intent Keyphrase:  typically a long-tail keyword where the search volume is low, but the users intent to convert is high.

#7 - stop sending your non-branded PPC campaigns to your apartments home page.

If you are one of the few advertisers who send your PPC users to a custom landing page (apartment or regional) then congratulations !  You are ahead of the pack already.  

But if you are the 98% of all management companies who send PPC traffic to the apartments home page, then it’s time to have a heart to heart conversation with your ad agency.  

The Hack: Create dedicated landing pages to match the ad messaging.  If your ad is related to Apartments with underground parking, then make sure the landing pages primary message is about underground parking.

This will improve your QS (which will lower your CPC) and get you more impressions and more clicks.

#8 - Setup Google Search Console Yesterday

We don’t have enough time to go into all the reasons why you need to have search console configured, but trust us when we highly recommend you set it up as soon as possible.  

At a high level, search console will tell you what webpages are generating impressions in google and what search queries are doing it.  That may not sound impressive, but it’s extremely powerful.  

Top 8 Website Hacks