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Increase engagement and lower CPC cost with landing pages that are highly relevant to apartment hunters’ search queries

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If you build it, they may come

Paid Search Performance

Knowing when and how much to invest in PPC is tricky. The first step is taking control of what you know.

Paid Brand Search Monitoring
Identify brand infringing ads appearing on your branded search terms.
Identify competitors piggy packing on your brand.
Paid Local Search Monitoring
Research what competitor ads are appearing for your primary search terms.
Verify your partners are creating engaging ads .

Organic Search Performance

Organic Brand Search Monitoring
Verify your website is ranking #1 for a branded search.
Organic Local Search Monitoring
Identify what competitors are ranking for your primary search terms.
Verify where your apartment and regional websites are ranking.

Speed is the Key

Website Experience

Your apartments website is beautiful. But as your websites page load time goes from 1-3 seconds, the probability of a bounce increases 32% (source).

Sending PPC traffic to your apartment’s home page greatly reduces ROI

Individual apartment sites and large corporate sites just don’t cut it

Initially, customers don’t search by a corporate name or even a community name.

At the beginning of their apartment-hunting journey, they search for specific locations, neighborhoods and apartment features.

When your landing page doesn’t cater to their exact search, it fails.

You don’t have time to create all of the landing pages required for PPC best practices

But sending paid traffic to your property site is wasteful

"We want to make it easy so if prospects don’t find what they want at one property, they go to another property. Now with Lineups, prospects can stay within our portfolio.
We wanted to try to break from using internet listing services, and change to more targeted and flexible approach for each property. We are running PPC on all of our Lineups landing pages. What we’ve really noticed is our session time has gone up to 2 or 3 minutes. We’re seeing a lot of really good engagement with those pages. That for me is definitely a measure of success.”
Tanya Artz
Marketing Manager
Bigos Management

PPC landing pages that impact the bottom line

When you give searchers what they want, search engines reward you with lower cost per click

Show customers what they’re really searching for

When you group sister properties together and include them on all of the landing pages where they belong, you get better results, including more time spent on the page and more leads.  

Want some examples?

How about “Tucson luxury apartments” or “apartments with washer and dryer near Penn State.”

Include every property that fits the bill and let customers choose
Maximize ad spend with more engagement
Lower your cost per click with relevant landing pages

Smart technology & true partnership

No matter what changes, your Lineups landing pages are always accurate. That’s because our landing page builder integrates with your property management system.

Even better, we’re here for you. We manage all the tech, copywriting and page deployment. Plus we send you reports on the performance of your pages and new PPC opportunities.

Get more high quality leads

We deploy fast, hyperlocal landing pages based on search queries. Everything is handled for you using our combination of service and technology so your pages are highly targeted, beautiful and up-to-date.

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